Contineo Nav

Logo Design

The Brief
Create a logo for the Contineo Nav, a consultant based ERP solutions company

The Solution
The main brief for the logo was a design that was strong, long lasting, simple and memorable.

Contineo Nav supply solutions to a wide range of industries, such as, Retail, Warehousing, Data Solutions, Financial Solutions. This meant that the logo had to be flexible enough to work across all of their fields without being specific to one.

As consultants, Contineo Nav are normally called in to work with a client when they need a system upgrade, need a solution to be designed to suit their way of running or need their system fine-tuned. This means that they have to often delve deep into the company’s working parts to get the company running smoothly. As this was the one common factor across all the industries the logo resulted in being a cog. A cog that is used but Contineo is inserted in to complete the cog making it function better.